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  Tianqiao Lu  (a.k.a. Mike)

PhD, University of Melbourne

Postdoctoral research fellow, James Cook University

Professor, School of Language Sciences, Jiangsu Normal University, China

● Associate fellow, Supervisor for research higher degree candidates, Cairns Institute, James Cook University, Australia



Postdoctoral fellow, Cairns Institute of James Cook University, Australia; Ph.D., linguistics, Asia Institute of University of Melbourne, Australia; Completion of graduate sociology courses, Peking University, China; M.A., linguistics, Central University of Nationalities, China; B.A., English major, Hebei University, China

Research Interests:

Anthropological linguistics, Language and social identity, language and religion, language policies, comparative Southeast Asian linguistics.

Research Activities:

Undertaker of subproject “Classifiers in Kam-Tai Languages” under the Australian Research Council Discovery Project DP0878622 “The world through the prism of language: a cross-linguistic view of genders, noun classes and classifiers” (2009-2011); Director of China National Social Science Fund project "Tai-Kadai Classifiers from the Perspective of Nominal Categorization”(2014); Director of Maonan Project of China Language Protection Program of State Language Commission (2015); Chief English editor and assessor of journal Linguistic Sciences; Assessor of Journal of the Central University for Nationalities; Assessor of Social Science and Humanities Projects of Ministry of Education; Assessor of  National Social Science Fund Projects; Reviewer of Phonogrammarchiv of the Austrian Academy of Sciences (2012); Member of Organizing Committee for “International Conference on Archaeology & Anthropology" (2013) , Antonio, Texas, USA; Keynote presenter of 18th International conference of Korean Linguistics (2012); Book reviewer for American Anthropology (2016); Developer of the Maonan ideographic font (2010); Designer of Maonan writing system based on Latin alphabet (2012); Co-host of “Ballads in China” weekly program of China CCTV (2009).



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Workshops and conferences:

Tonal inflection and grammaticalization of demonstratives in Thai and beyond. As conference presenter. The 23th Annual Meeting of the Southeast Asian Linguistics Society. 2013.5.31. Julalongkorn University, Thailand.

The peoples who live by classifying things - the importance and cultural significant of the Kam-Tai classifiers. As the presenter. Seminar in School of Arts and Social Sciences, James Cook University. 13-7-2011; Also as keynote presenter at 18th International Conference of Korean Linguistics (ICKL 2012). Jiangsu Normal University. July 5–July 8, 2012.

The Tai-Kadai peoples: their languages, cultures and histories. As one of the presenters. Workshop: Roots of linguistic diversity, Cairns Institute, James Cook University, 9-6-2011.

Tracing the extensive diffusion of a naughty verb. As the presenter. Workshop of Language and Culture. Cairns Institute. James Cook University. 03-11-2010.

Possession in Maonan. Possession and Ownership International Workshop.  As one of the presenters, co-chairman. Cairns Institute. James Cook University.  27-9-2010.

Sketch of expression of perception and cognition in Maonan.
As the presenter. Workshop of Language and Culture. Cairns Institute. James Cook University. 18-8- 2010.

Must Soul be lost when Meat is attained? (The interrelation between culture retaining and economic development in the Maonan area in China). Second prize winner of Bright Ideas Competition. School of Arts and Social Sciences. James Cook University. 22-7-2010.

The focus marker ko3  and emphatic construction in Maonan and Lao. As the presenter. Workshop of Language and Culture. Cairns Institute. James Cook University. 28-4- 2010.

Numbering system in Maonan.
As the presenter. Workshop of Language and Culture. Cairns Institute. James Cook University. 22-3-2010.

Introduction to Reduplication in East Asia. As the presenter. Workshop of Language and Culture. Cairns Institute. James Cook University. 15-1- 2010.

Little Red Cap in South China — the linguistic cause of folktale variation. As one of the presenters. Presented at conference 'Tropics of the Imagination'. School of Arts and Social Sciences. James Cook University. 3-11-2009. ()

How language influences our thinking. Panel member in Interactive talk-back session 'Language we live by' conducted by the Panel consisting of Prof. Alexandra (Sasha) Aikhenvald (chair), Prof. R. M. W. (Bob) Dixon, Dr. Anne Schwarz, Dr. Lu, Tianqiao. James Cook University. 15-11-2009.

Tracing the origin of Army Language in Guangxi. Seminar for 30th Anniversary of <Minzu Yuwen> journal. Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology of China Social Sciences Academy and Central University of Nationalities. Beijing. 27, 29-8-2009.

The happy Maonan villages (TV series). Panel member of "Ballads in China", TV series of China Central Television  (CCTV). Broadcasting from Monday to Saturday: 17~22-8-2009. ()

Dialectic interrelationship between Subject and Topic in Maonan. As one of the presenters. The First International Symposium on Kam-Tai Linguistics. 18-12-2008. Nanning, Guangxi, China.

An Introduction to Maonan Folk Religion. Presented in Baillieu Library of University of Melbourne, Australia. 26 -11-2006.

The flirting implications in Maonan welcome songs. Presented in Workshop ‘Linguistics of Song’ in Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, La Trobe University, Australia, 25-9-2006.

Teknonymy in Maonan. Presented at the 38th International Sino-Tibetan Conference. Xiamen University, Fujian, China. 28, 31-10-2005.

The Myth of protolanguage. Presented at Postgraduate Conference 2004 ‘Interventions, Interactions, Interrelations’, in School of languages of Melbourne University, Australia. 14, 15-11-2004.

An introduction to the current policies towards the minority nationalities in China. Colloquium on minority policies in US and China. Kansas, Missouri, USA. 30-12-1986.

The Issue of Minority Policies in the New Era. Postgraduate Seminar. Central University of Nationalities. 7-7-1985.

Honours and awards:

Honorary Citizenship of Kansas City, Missouri, USA, when visiting Kansas, for his contribution to the bilateral understanding of the ethnic minority policies of the US and China. 1986.

Certificate of Official Welcome by Council of Los Angles, USA, when meeting Mayor Tom Bradley in Los Angeles Council, LA County. 1986.